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T-Shirt Quilts vs. T-Shirt Blankets

Posted by Jessica Carter on

Let's talk a minute about T-shirt quilts vs T-shirt blankets.

A quilt is always made up of three layers (with the exception of a cathedral window quilt). There is a back, a middle (batting or another fabric layer) and the quilt top. Then all the layers of the quilt are quilted together with thread.

This process is what makes the quilt warm and strong. It is why quilts are heirlooms that last for generations.

Tshirt blankets are just that - blankets. They are typically made up of only two layers - often a piece of cheap fleece backs these blankets. They are not quilted together. The folks that make these count on the friction between the back and the front to hold them together. They are like cloth sacks that have been sewn shut across the top. They will sag in the wash and eventually, as the fleece loses its pile, they will sag out of the wash. This sagging will pull at the seams where the shirts are sewn together. The seams will start coming apart and the shirts will tear at their weakest points. Friends - you have held onto and saved your or your loved one's shirts for a reason. They are valuable and bring back memories of the wonderful seasons of your lives. Now is not the time for shortcuts. Please send your shirts off to me or another reputable quilt maker. I take payment in installments - very similar to layaway plans. Contact me today to get started!


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