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Complex Dense Longarm Quilting

Cross & Crown Longarm Quilting

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Do you want your quilt top densely-stitched with unique quilting, or a complex pantograph? Is the look of intricate graffiti-style quilting with many designs what you are after? Does your quilt top need any additional specialized care or mending?

Requires a consultation.

At only 3 cents per square inch, our quilting services are extremely affordable! 

Steps to purchase: 

  • Email us to begin your consultation at with your name and phone number.
  • Register for a customer account with a current phone number and email address!
  • If you are able, please print and return this form with your quilt - do not worry if you are unable - just send a note with your quilt that includes your contact information and any special instructions.
  • Ship the quilt, batting, and backing fabric (4" larger than the top on all sides please!) if not purchased from us, along with your contact information and thread color preference to Cross & Crown Longarm Quilting, c/o Jessica Carter, 78 Romie Drive, Jackson, TN, 38305
  • Please send us a tracking number when you ship your top via email at
  • Your tracking information will serve as your notification of receipt.

Once your quilt is ready for the frame, I will contact you l verify the details of your order, including quilt design selection and a thread color.

If you are looking for a specific design not pictured here or would like light custom quilting, please contact me or leave a note on your order. I am happy to find a design that suits you! 

Now it is time to turn your quilt top into a useable quilt! You only need to send me your quilt top, batting, and backing fabric. Or you can even purchase some of our wonderful batting and quilt quality fabric for the back! 

We'd be happy to answer any questions you have. Please feel free to contact us at

These designs are from Urban Elementz and Linda V Taylor ! 

We are no longer accepting orders that need to be returned by Christmas. Any quilts sent to us from November 19 through the end of the year will be placed on our January calendar.