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Questions about Quilting

Why does my backing have to be bigger than my quilt top?

     We ask that your backing be at least four inches bigger than your top on all four side of the quilt. This is due to how quilts are loaded onto the longarm frame. We clamp or pin the top and bottom of the quilt back to fabric leaders that are attached to the longarm frame. Then we use clamps on the sides of the quilt. This ensures your quilt back stays smooth and in doesn't move with the quilt. 

Why do you not recommend folding the backing to the front to bind the quilt?
The short answer is because we think traditional binding looks better. There is also a longer practical answer.
Longarm quilting machines are a bit different than sewing machines. Every time the bobbin is changed, we have to ensure the tension is still good. Unlike a domestic sewing machine, we can't just try it on on a scrap piece of fabric. We use a very narrow area of batting and backing next to your quilt top.  When you want to use the backing to bind, we have to load an additional piece of fabric and batting to test the tension. We will charge for this fabric. So if you want to bind your quilt in this manner, please ensure that you give us ample backing fabric to be sure we have enough room to test tension to avoid the charge. We will test the tension on the far edge rather than next to the quilt top. 

Will you arrange my quilt so I can have something from the backing placed in a specific location relative to the front of the quilt? Can you quilt it in such a way that my quilt is 'double-sided'?
The short answer is - probably not. Centering a quilt on backing horizontally is fairly simple and how we tend to load quilts to begin with - still we ask that you notify us with horizontal centering requests. Centering them vertically is much more difficult. We do not take quilts where you need the quilt specifically placed on the backing. There are just too many variables involved for us to be comfortable with this. 

How can I add binding services to my order?
     Binding services are now listed as a product on our website under "Longarm Quilting Services". You only need to add up the length of all four sides to get the perimeter of the quilt and select the option that fits your quilt best!

Questions about T-Shirt Quilts

Do you want me to cut up the t shirts before I send them?
     No. Please ship your shirts whole. We will cut them and stabilize them. 

General Questions

Where are you located?
     We are located in Jackson, TN, but are primarily an online store and have served clients from all over the world. We are happy to serve you regardless of where you are located. 

What is your turnaround time?
    Your turnaround is determined by when we receive your quilt top(s) and/or t-shirts and whether or not it is custom or Meander. Typically Meander patterns take one to three weeks and Custom patterns four to eight weeks. If you send us an email, we can give you current approximate turnaround times. 

How do I find my order on the Calendar?

To view when your order is going to be on the frame, click the provided link and look for your order number. Your order number will be sent to you via email or text as soon as we have you checked in.