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Economy Longarm Quilting Services

Cross & Crown Longarm Quilting

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Dreaming of a speedy turn-around for your quilt? Do you prefer a classic all-over meander quilt pattern? Our economy services make quilting a breeze - for only one cent per square inch, you can have your quilt quilted in no time!

Steps to purchase: 

    • 1. Enter the total square inches of your quilt in inches in the quantity box (multiply the length and the width for this number).
    • 2. Complete the checkout process. Be sure and register for a customer account with a current phone number and email address!
    • 3. Ship the quilt top, your batting, and your backing fabric, if not purchased from us, to 
    • Cross & Crown Longarm Quilting, c/o Jessica Carter, 78 Romie Drive, Jackson, TN, 38305
    • 4. Please send us a tracking number when you ship your top to via email at
    • 5. If you can, please print and fill out this form to send with your quilt. If you don't know how or don't have access to a printer, then be sure to include a note with your contact information and anything else you would like us to know!
  • Your tracking information will be confirmation that your quilt has been received.

  • By purchasing, you have agreed that you have read and fully agreed to the terms of use. No exceptions will be made to these terms.
  • If your order exceeds $90 and you aren't located in a shipping area that has a surcharge, your quilt will be returned at no charge. If under $90, please pay the $8 shipping charge that is included in your order. If you are in an area that has a surcharge due to how rural the area is or are located in the Northwest, Alaska, or Hawaii, we will bill you for the actual additional shipping costs regardless of the total order amount.

Now it is time to turn your quilt top into a usable quilt! You only need to send me your quilt top, batting, and backing fabric. Or you can even purchase some of our wonderful quilt quality fabric for the back! 

Terms for using economy quilting services
*Your backing must be sewn together or you must use a wide backing for your quilt. There should be at least four extra inches of backing fabric on all sides.
*You are responsible for return shipping as outlined above. I will contact you when your quilt is finished and invoice you for return shipping if you meet any of the parameters above.. 
*Your backing and quilt should be square for best results.
*We will trim your excess batting and backing unless you tell us not to.

*You are responsible to ship the batting and backing with your quilt or purchase it from me. 

Economy quilting services do not include any extra personalized attention to your quilt. 

We'd be happy to answer any questions you have. Please feel free to contact us at

We are no longer accepting orders that need to be returned by Christmas. Any quilts sent to us from November 19 through the end of the year will be placed on our January calendar.