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There are no perfect quilts - And that's okay!

Posted by Jessica Carter on

I got quite involved in a discussion on a Facebook quilting group today. I normally try to avoid these, as very few minds are changed because of a social media debate. However, I felt like the poster was shaming people who made less than perfect quilts. Several people indicated they were now hesitant to send their quilts to be longarmed because they were afraid of being judged.

It made my heart hurt. 

Please, don't ever feel that your quilt is not 'good enough' to be longarmed. If you love your quilt, I promise you - I will love your quilt too. You have worked hard on your quilt top, and I would like to honor that hard work with hard work of my own to make your quilt top a quilt. 

I have quilted quilts from all levels of skill. I have a client that rarely misses a point and another that does the most beautiful applique you have ever seen! I have a client who has terrible eyesight, but loves the art of quilting so much, that she does the best she can. She may miss a seam or two, but that is okay. I have several brand new quilters as clients. Sometimes their borders are wavy, or their quilt isn't exactly square, but that is okay! They love their quilts, and I love them as well. You can tell when quilts have their whole heart and soul put into them. 

I will never send your quilt back to you if it is less than perfect. Sometimes, I will add an information sheet that I think will help you on your quilting journey, but this is *never* to embarrass or shame you - ever. 

I am committed to helping you create beautiful works of art that we are both proud of! 

Always at your service, 



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