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When and why should I choose a meander for quilting?

Posted by Jessica Carter on

Blue striped quilt with large meander

The meander quilting pattern is not really a pattern. It is more a wandering thread path of thread throughout your quilt. I offer a meander for a very low price - only 1 cent per square inch. I get asked about the meander quite a bit. 

When should you choose the meander pattern for your quilt?
1. When you want to maintain loft - the meander I do is on the larger size - depending on the batting you ship me. The quilt is not compressed by thread.

2. When you want a warm and soft quilt - Because it is not a dense quilting pattern, the unquilted space has room to collect air and breathe a bit. The quilt will be warmer due to this. If wool batting or polyester batting is used, the quilt will also be more comforter like. 

3. When you don't want to detract from the quilt pattern - custom quilting is super fun, but it can sometimes costar with the quilt top itself. When you want the quilt piecing to really stand out and the quilting to sink into the background - a meander is a good choice.

4. When you just want it done and done fast - meandering a quilt is much faster than custom quilting. I can meander a king-size quilt in a matter of a couple of hours - and that includes the loading time as long as your quilt back is square. I tend to work these quilts in between longer jobs because they are fast and allow me to 'reset' my creative mind between custom quilt jobs.

5. When finances are an issue - if you choose the economy quilting option and send me your batting, you will often save a few dollars. While these quilts don't ship free and are subject to my $75 free shipping minimum, the return shipping is often less than $20. You could also use the money you saved to add our binding service and get back a completely finished quilt top!

The meander - simple in its form and unassuming - is a popular choice for quilters everywhere! 


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  • Beautiful job. Very professional. Very quickly done and returned quickly, too. Definitely will use Jessica and Cross & Crown again. :) Thanks Jessica.

    Susan Kobrin on

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