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Wool Batting - An Overlooked Gem

Posted by Jessica Carter on

Many people really like polyester batting because of the loft it has. The loft adds definition to the quilting and is puffy and soothing - especially for people who want the warmth and softness of a comforter. Quilter's Dream carries a good polyester, and if I wanted to use polyester, that is the brand I would pick. However - there is a natural and more sustainable option - wool. 

Quilter's Dream carries the most fantastic wool batting I have had the pleasure of using. I was hesitant to order it, since I use batting right off the roll for my longarm. I did not want to order a huge roll of batting that I would just hate. But, fate intervened, and I was sent a 30-yard roll by mistake. 

My options were to send it back at Quilter's Dream expense or keep at a discounted rate. I opted to keep it - primarily because I didn't want to load it into the van and haul it to Fed-Ex. I told them to bill me for it. They happily obliged. 

I have quilted several quilts with it. I could not be more thrilled with the results. I even cut a big part off and threw it into the washer and dryer just to see what would happen. It was simply made even more wonderful. It got even softer, and the shrinkage was incredibly minimal. It did not fall apart in the washer or dryer, and it maintained a fantastic drape. 

The concerns of wool are common - is it itchy, does it smell, and what if someone is allergic. 

The wool is not itchy. It is not like the old wool Army blankets my dad used to bring home or like knitted acrylic things that people think is wool. It is soft, and by the time you put quilting fabric on both sides, you just can't tell what's in the middle. 

The wool of today is processed differently. So there is no lanolin, no vegetable matter, and no animal dander. It is very, very clean. My 14-year-old daughter is allergic to all animals and outside things. She can handle this wool and be around it without an issue. 

It doesn't smell. It smells like nothing, really. After I washed it, it smelled like laundry detergent. 

I encourage you to try this wool on the next quilt you send me (I am going to continue stocking this batting), or you can message me if you would like to special order some individual packages to have at home! 

If you would like a small sample, send me a self-addressed envelope with 3 stamps. I will send you a small piece! 

Happy Quilting! 


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  • Hi, can you give me prices on the wool batting? And specifics re thickness, weight etc. I have made a quilt with wool left over from carding projects [spinning] and that quilt was the favorite of everyone in the family, all wanted a turn. However, it was not so much quilt as patchwork comforter. I’ve never been into quilting but I am leaning that direction, for my next hobby. I am 75 and have lots of family now. My husband and I just had 2, then 4 grandsons, and now many greats. Amazing to me even now, I never was even sure of grandchildren. But blankets/warmth is always welcome. I love wool, can’t say enough about what a wonderful fiber it is. Where are you located physically? Thank you for any info in advance.


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