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Covid-19 Updates 1/23/21


We welcomed everyone back to work from the holidays a couple of weeks ago on a wonderful Monday morning. We had our calendar in place and were excited to get started on all the things we had in the shop. That same evening my youngest started running a fever. We immediately isolated her, and everyone agreed to work from home as they could until her PCR test came back.

She was positive for Covid and was pretty sick. The following Sunday, we found out my husband's brother passed away a bit unexpectedly. My husband tested for covid to be sure he would not bring it to his 83 year old mother. He was positive. The following Tuesday my 16 year old son tested positive. He and my husband were primarily asymptomatic. They all isolated themselves in hopes that the remaining three of us did not get it. 

Friday my disabled brother started showing symptoms. We got his positive result this past Saturday. 

In the meantime, both my employees had children test positive.

As long as no one else falls ill, we should have Brooke (my quilter) return Tuesday. Renee (pieces, sews bears, repairs quilts) will not be returning until her son is completely out of quarantine, which should be next week. 

In addition to all this covid mess, we also have a longarm in the shop, and the shop owner has stopped communicating with us (he could have a covid mess of his own so I am trying to be patient). But we are still down a machine.

Without help here at the studio and without help at home since my husband had to isolate, grieve his brother, and return to work in short order, we have not been able to finish much. 

We appreciate your patience and promise to catch everything up as quickly as possible.